Santec Bathroom Faucets Offer Unique Styles And Reliable Quality

Santec Bathrooms

When considering the look you would like to achieve in your bathroom, you have probably carefully considered your toilet, your sink or lavatory, your tub, and your shower. However, it is important to remember that it is the accessories and fixtures that can pull your entire décor together. Paying attention to your faucets, drains, vanities, and cabinet doors will make your bathroom what you want it to be. Just the right wood, style of doors, and choice of metal can change the entire feel of the room. Santec bathroom faucets offer quality and style to help you accomplish your decorative goals.

Bathroom Faucets From Santec

The Santec Double Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Swarovski Crystal Style Handles and Pop-up Display is a great example of what Santec bathroom faucets have to offer. While you may get a better price from brands like Pfister and Delta, products like this one offer style you will not find elsewhere. The crystal details on the handles and the textured monarch style give this fixture lots of character, and like many Santec bathroom faucets, it comes in 27 different finishes, from chrome to bronze and then some. You can purchase this product at for $554.25 to $822.00, depending on the finish you choose.

You can add a modern twist to your bath with the Santec Monza Single Control Lavatory in 10 Polished Chrome. This is one of those Santec bathroom faucets that might also be at home by your sink in the kitchen. It is controlled by a single ceramic disc cartridge and is made of solid brass with a polished chrome finish. When modern style and designs are the goal in your home, Santec bathroom faucets are the easy choice. This product is for sale at for $487.50.

When you begin shopping for fixtures for your bathroom, you will find American Standard, Moen, and Kohler, but if you look beyond the brand name for unique style options, you will find that Santec bathroom faucets truly have a lot to offer for both contemporary and classic styles and designs. At, you will find the Santec Widespread Lavatory with Td Handles. This options is from the Modena collection, and its sleek, simple appearance exemplifies the workmanship of Santec bathroom faucets as a whole. It is available in 27 different finishes, including antique copper, brushed nickel, and polished chrome. You can dress up the sinks in your bathroom and kitchen with this product that is priced at $595.00.

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Posted 2071 days ago
I finally broke down and got a high quality bathroom faucet-I am so glad I did. There are no more leaks; no more drips in the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep and finally no more waiting to get it fixed.

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