Moen Bathroom Fixtures Promise Quality

Bathroom Fixtures

Moen bathroom fixtures are reliable quality products that will add beauty and style to any bathroom makeover. Known for its vast selection of kitchen and bathroom accessories, Moen offers products in both traditional and modern options that you will be proud to have in your home. Of course, all Moen products are backed by their standard warranty which guards against factory error and flaws which speed up natural wear.

Moen Bathroom Acessories Fixture

Mirrorscapes are simple frames that are made fit on plain plate mirrors. These frames are available in rouge, white, or unfinished, and come in a variety of sizes. You can purchase a variety of sizes at For example, a pair of Creative Specialties 6-foot Mirrorscapes Frame Decorative Straights is sold for $99.00. As simple as these are, these Moen bathroom fixtures can mean the difference between a plain, unadorned mirror and a complete and contemporary finish.

If it is the shower you are updating, then you can easily find the right Moen bathroom fixtures for the bathroom you have always wanted. The Moen, Inc. Moenflo Single Function Fixed Shower Head, for example, is available in nine different finishes, including bronze, brushed nickel, and wrought iron. There is a model that matches any décor. Moen bathroom fixtures like this one are available with on time shipping, and come backed with the quality name of Moen. You can purchase this shower head at for $97.28.

Another place where Moen bathroom fixtures really shine are in the small details that can make or break a bathroom. You can choose a toilet handle from a wide selection of finishes and details; a matching towel rack mounted on the wall complete the room. You can purchase theses accessories at Prices vary according to the accessories you choose and the materials used to make them. In fact, once you find the toilet tank levers, towel bars, and bathroom tissue holders you prefer, the site will direct you to online retailers or brick and mortar stores where you can purchase these Moen bathroom fixtures.

When thinking of a bathroom remodel, often the first thing that comes to mind is the sink, the center point of the bathroom. Moen faucets are extremely popular due to their consistent quality, style, and design. For those who love a sleek, modern look, the Moen 90 Degree Single Handle Lavatory Faucet in Chrome features an eco-performance design in that it is made to conserve water without diminishing water pressure. This fixture will look great with a simple pedestal sink or with a single or double vanity. This product sells for $197.00. The collection also includes variations with higher or lower water arcs.

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Posted 2250 days ago
If you want quality in a bathroom fixture you really do want to go with the Moen brand. Not only are they very stylish, they are a fixture that will look good years down the road. All in all it's money that's well spent when it's used on Moen.
Posted 2257 days ago
A new shower head was desperately needed and Moen was suggested by more than one friend and many professionals. After purchasing one and using it for several months it is clear the brand is superior in the area of faucets.
Posted 2265 days ago
If there is only one thing you can upgrade in your bathroom and it has to be under a hundred dollars, go with a fixture and go with a Moen. The feel of such high quality even in one fixture is an excellent way to upgrade a bathroom.
Posted 2271 days ago
I used to be very cheap when I bought items for the bathroom. I learned the hard way ( all my stuff kept breaking and I had to get new stuff or try to fix it) that I needed to upgrade on the quality of the fixtures I bought for my restroom.
Posted 2278 days ago
Bathroom fixtures can easily just be sink heads, handles and knobs, boring until you use high quality like Moen. This brand never seems to have a hiccup or breakdown and looks amazing even after years of use. The company has many designs as well.

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