Maax Shower Doors For Beautiful Bathrooms

Maax Showers

Maax shower doors are the premiere bathroom product, which makes any bathroom a showpiece and not just a necessary room. There are over 31 different, distinct series of coverings for your bathtub and within each series; there are several models and styles to choose from.

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One of the best things about this brand of bathroom fixture is that the seal is guaranteed water tight. This means there will be no water leaking anywhere outside of your tub or shower enclosure because the seal on the door will be tight and fit right. No matter if it is a slider, a pivot or folding panels, they will fit the opening.

For the mechanics of the door, there are a few options: Sure-Glide track system, roller ball bearing system and bottom door guide. These are also frameless so that the glass is what your eyes focus on and not the hardware or the harsh looking frames.

Alexa is a 1-panel cover with clear glass and the unique frameless design. And the magnetic 'catch' is full length so there is no worry the door not sealing tight or laying open in spots where it won't catch to the small frame. There are four Alexa styles ranging from 24 1/2 x 26 1/2 up to 34 1/2 x 36 1/2 which are each for singlewide showers or tubs.

For large tubs or doublewide style, there is the Opulence double. The Opulence series features clear glass and a chrome frame, although it is considered a frameless look. This is because the frame is small and will blend in well with the background tile or whatever is behind it. They also have the Sure-Glide track system which keeps each panel in its own track and guarantees smooth, quite sliding of each panel. There are 6 two panel doors and 4 three panel doors in the Opulence series.

The Cottage Gate series is a beautiful clear piece of glass on a frameless style boarder with a lovely etching of what would be called a cottage gate with different lines to represent the panels in the gate and an oval opening (only in the etching). The Cottage Gate series has three styles of two panels each. As an added bonus, the top metal frame piece is reversible to give your bathroom a different look several times a year.

The Purfect series comes in several different styles including the pivot, the dual and the panel type. This is the style of shower in which each door makes up part of the wall. The glass is thick but the style is sleek and trim. This style is perfect for corner or wall-mounted configurations. This is an elegant and sophisticated style but fits any decor.

The Decor Plus series has five styles of the 2-panel style ranging in size from 43-inches to 59 1/2-inches. Three of the styles are for full size showers and two are for tub size. The glass is frosted for more privacy and the towel bar breaks up the one side of the glass. The frame comes in gold or silver finish to match your bathrooms other fixtures.

The Luminous series is a 2-panel sliding shower door with a choice of either clear or frosted glass. The panels come in tub size or full door size with two sides to the top frame for a different look. This is one of the frameless styles and would go with most any decor. There is a generous height to these panels so there is no water splashing over the top and onto the floor.

The Filigree style shower doors are complete top to floor and in the frameless collection. They are clear and the towel bar has decorative scalloped edging for a more distinctive look. This is a silver aluminum type for your bathroom and would go with all colors of towels and other fixtures in the silver range.

The Mechanix M2 series is the ultimate in frameless shower doors. The ball bearing construction is located at the top and the entire shower seems as if there are no frames, especially at the bottom. This is a must see and very elegant for an upscale bathroom. These doors are more walls and perfect for a freestanding box type shower enclosure. The Mechanix M2 series comes in sizes 56- to 72-inches wide for all your spaces. The glass is clear for a traditional and classic look.

The Illusion is the premiere corner shower panels with clear glass and silver aluminum frames. Sizes of the Illusion neo-angle run from 36 x 36 up to 42 x 42. The glass is clear and the Illusion style gives any corner shower a crisp new look.

The Kleara double doors come in 14 different sizes and two shades, clear and lightly frosted. These are clean and crisp frameless shower doors for all applications and will go with nearly every decorations and other style of fixtures in your bathroom. The sizes of the Kleara double doors run from 33 1/2 x 69 up to 57 1/2 x 69.

The Pivolok is a one panel style glass door that comes in raindrop or clear type glass. The raindrop is a style that obscures the view. This size is perfect for the small or medium single size shower without a tub attached. The sizes range from 19 1/2 x 64 up to 33 1/2 x 64. The frame is a polished silver aluminum and it has plenty of room above the shower head so there is no water left on the floor.

The Madono is a one panel glass door that is more representational of a door than many of the other styles. It has a round handle and opens much like a wooden door and is perfect for smaller or medium size shower openings without a tub attached. The clear glass is tempered and the frame is a silver aluminum finish. There are 4 sizes ranging from 24 1/2 x 67 to 34 1/2 x 67.

The Maax shower doors are the perfect complement to any bathroom decor and will stand the test of time with sturdy materials, tempered glass for safety and clean, crisp lines. There are many different styles to choose from and sizes to fit an existing opening or a new construction.

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Posted 2212 days ago
I was looking for new shower doors when I found this article. Getting a great door that I can not only afford but install myself is a major concern. I found the information very helpful and I'm ready to hit the roads shopping now!
Posted 2221 days ago
I was looking for new shower doors when I found this article. Getting a great door that I can not only afford but install myself is a major concern. I found the information very helpful and I'm ready to hit the roads shopping now!
Posted 2228 days ago
Getting rid of the musty shower curtain for a fantastic shower door really should be a bathroom must do. There are few single acts that can revolutionize your bathroom as quickly as this one. Combine it with a paint job and voila!
Posted 2236 days ago
Some people say that the most important item you can have in your restroom in addition to a stool is the right kind of shower doors. These by Maax do look interesting to me and I think when I undertake the next project they may be included.
Posted 2245 days ago
Whether using a professional or not getting high quality shower doors installed is a must have to any bathroom makeover. You should consider some of the better shower doors out there like these Maax because I love mine by the same company.

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