Lowes Bathroom Remodeling Provides Style, Quality, And Value

Lowes Remodeling For Bathroom

Whether you are thinking of adding a Jacuzzi or simply upgrading your shower and vanity, Lowes bathroom remodeling service can help you find exactly what you want. With a vast supply of accessories for the bathroom and kitchen in modern and traditional styles, consumers walk away happy when they utilize Lowes bathroom remodeling prowess in their process. Here you can satisfy your decorative needs and behind the scenes plumbing needs at the same time.

Lowes Remodeling Design

If you are seeking a sleek, modern look for your residential or business bathroom, for example, the Kohler Purist Black Elongated Toilet is a great place to start. This is a striking piece that is simply an oval shaped tankless bowl. It measures 38.75 inches tall, 16.5 inches wide, and 24.625 inches from front to back and requires a 12 x 12 roughed area for installation. It features exceptional flushing capabilities, and will look great with granite or marble countertops and a black sink and tub. It sells for $4,416.95.

The Broan Matte White Recessed Bath Fan With Light serves a dual purpose in your newly remodeled bathroom, and you can find it when you shop for Lowes bathroom remodeling supplies. This is a quiet-running fan that offers pleasant overhead lighting as well. Fan box dimensions measure 8.25 inches by 6.75 inches and the unit comes with optional wall controls. You can purchase this item for $98.00.

The buyers who supply Lowes bathroom remodeling department with their great assortment of products understand what a difference a new detail can make. This is why they offer so many different faucets, tiles, and mirror options. Ideal for the modern bathroom, the American Standard Moments Polished Chrome Touchless Water Sense Bathroom Faucet has a modern angular design and the motion sensor puts an end to dirty hands touching your hot and cold knobs. This accessory will be the final touch with your ceramic tile floor and new vanity cabinet. It is available through Lowes bathroom remodeling department for $416.48.

You can create a brand new look simply by replacing your current shower curtain with a set of shower doors. The Aqua Glass Oil Rubbed Bronze Framed Pivot Shower Door features an obscure glass design, allowing two people to occupy the bathroom at once with no loss of privacy. Because the door pivots open, a more spacious layout is required than for a sliding door. It boasts a height of 70 inches tall and is 43.625 inches wide. You can purchase this sleek shower door for $649.92 from the Lowes bathroom remodeling specialists.

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Posted 2248 days ago
Changing out a shower curtain can be the perfect way to give a bathroom a facelift. That or sometimes some new rugs, waste bins and other small accessories will get you through bathroom blahs. Always have a plan when redecorating.
Posted 2257 days ago
Many people tell you there are a lot of savings to be had if you shop wisely for home repairs. That is definitely true if you devise a plan and watch a few ads before getting most of your supplies. Also, remember you'll always forget something.
Posted 2262 days ago
A whirlpool tub can make any bathroom instantly more appealing. It is a good idea to read about the different brands because some are truly more durable than others and some are well worth the little extra cost as well.
Posted 2270 days ago
For years I had wanted a second bathroom and didn't think it would really happen. After I brought the professionals in to give their advice I realized not only could I afford it but that it was going to take a lot less time than I thought.
Posted 2277 days ago
It's surprising how often people don't think of treating themselves to a sparkling new stool. One of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom is by upgrading the stool and often you can get one that's more efficient on water use.

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