Discussing The Range Of Kohler Bath Fixtures

Bathroom Fixture Sample From Kohler

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any house. We use it several times daily, and apart from being a necessity, it is also a room where we can relax and unwind a bit too. Therefore, it is important that our bathroom is as pleasant as possible. Many people do their best to decorate it and keep it clean and tidy. The fixtures and fittings used in it are also important considerations. It is vital to plan the layout of each item in the room, and to choose them carefully. Kohler bath fixtures are not only hard-wearing and of good quality, but also pleasing to the eye.

Sample Image of Kohler Bathrooms

The range provided by this reputable company satisfies the likes of several customers all around the world. In fact, one can find different types of fixtures which can allow the client to embark on whatever style they prefer when installing their bathroom. Be it a minimalist bathroom, or a more elaborate one featuring classic baths or luxurious settings, Kohler can supply you with all you need.

Many would like to invest time and money when planning their bathroom. Kohler products and experienced personnel can be your one-stop shop in such a case. Instead of focusing on just the utilitarian aspects of this room, many people try to go a step further and create a spa rather than a simple bathroom.

Some people prefer a shower instead of a bath tub. Others opt to install both, as long as they have enough space to accommodate both of them. Showers can also be customized according to the client's preferences. One can select from a series of showerheads, types of sprays and easy-to-use electronic controls and settings. Some even include steam and music capabilities too.

Kohler can provide you with a beautiful range of luxurious bath tubs, including extra-deep soaking tubs, air baths, whirlpool jets and various other innovative technologies which are ideal to make your bathing experience a dream come true. You can actually create a spa in your own home.

Some of the most common bath tubs produced by this company include the Lithocast freestanding baths, the Biove, Reve, Archer, Abrazo, Elevance, Parity and Soissons. These come in varying sizes so as to cater for different needs and preferences that clients might have. Clearly the range is vast and one will be practically spoilt for choice.

Apart from the bath tubs, Kohler also provide an interesting and innovative range of sinks, vanities and toilets. These are also equipped with inventive additions, such as toilet seat warmers and waterproof controls. Towel warmers, gold finishes, honed surfaces and handcrafted tiles are other additions which can make your bathroom even more luxurious.

The showers are another main product range offered by Kohler. Apart from the showers themselves, one can find various accessories so as to fit in everything properly and match accordingly. Shower heads, rainheads, body sprays, hand showers, steams, shower bases and doors, are among the various products in the range that one can choose from. Seating, shelves, valves and controls are also available.

The range of sinks offered by Kohler is also vast. They come in different materials, including bronze, cast bronze, fire clay, glass, marble, stainless steel and vitreous china. Moreover, the client can also choose the way the sink gets installed since preferences differ according to the style and space in one's bathroom.

One can choose the traditional pedestal sink, or else opt for the other alternatives, such as a wall-mount, vanity top, under counter, vessels or self-rimming. Vanities and counters are increasing in popularity and as a result countertop sinks are being bought more. However, all the other models are supplied by the company.

Amongst the various sinks one can find the Odeon, Bryant, Whist, Brenham, Revival and Escale. The appealing patterned sinks offered by Kohler include the Botanical Study range, Marrakesh, Ipanema, Zanzibar and Caravan styles. One can truly find a style for any bathroom and prices range so as to suit different budgets.

The range of toilets offered by Kohler is also remarkable. Apart from innovative designs and models, one can also rest assured that they are powerful in terms of flushing and convenient when it comes to water consumption. They are in fact highly efficient and every rinse of the bowl maximizes water flow to ensure cleanliness as much as possible. Moreover they are designed in such a way that they are virtually plug-free.

The tank can be one or two-piece in shape, and one can also choose the type of bowl. The elongated, the round front and the compact elongated are the types of bowl shapes. One can also choose the color out of an extensive range of tones. Comfort height is also a main attribute of these toilets so as to ensure maximum seating comfort.

One can also select the flushing technology he favours the most, including the single flush, dual flush and power lite. There is a nice range of models to choose from. Some of these include the Cimarron, Devonshire, Escale, Gabrielle, Highline, Kelston and Memoirs. One can also choose the type of toilet seat, such as the open front, closed front or even the child's open front style.

Kohler also offer a range of bidets. Not everyone has the space to accommodate a bidet, but several people are opting for this addition in their bathroom because it offers various advantages. Kohler provide an extensive range of bidets to choose from, including the above-the-floor, below-the-floor and the through-the-floor options. There is also a nice range of colors to choose from, and different spray options too.

Sink, bath, shower, and bidet faucets are also supplied. These come in various materials, styles and colors so as to complement the decor of one's bathroom and different clients' preferences. Premium materials are utilized to manufacture these faucets so as to ensure durability and resistance. Kohler also offer an extensive range of towel rings, towel bars, soap dishes, tumblers, shelves, mirrors, toilet roll holders, grab bars and bathroom lightning.

When choosing any product from this company one can rest assured that he is making a good purchase. Apart from having a vast range of items, fixtures and accessories to choose from, there is a guarantee of high quality, durability and proper customer care. Hence, one should make sure to check out what Kohler has to offer when shopping for bathroom renovations as satisfaction can be guaranteed.

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Posted 2254 days ago
In my line of work I see a lot of leaky faucets and perform a lot of general maintenance. The clients that use Kohler tend to have less problems and even less clogs. Makes it easier to get the job done quickly.
Posted 2259 days ago
Kohler is the only company I work with when I need new faucets, which is a rare occurrence because of the high quality that Kohler items are. They just don't come highly recommended enough by me-they are all I'll use!
Posted 2266 days ago
The antique metals are a great way to add character to any bathroom. Every good real estate agent knows one of the first places you should look to fix is the fixtures because often they aren't expensive and they can really change the look.
Posted 2272 days ago
As far as bathtubs and fixtures go you can't really do a whole lot better than choosing Kohler. They tend to look new even when they are well past their prime and they are cost effective because you won't have to keep repairing them every so often.
Posted 2279 days ago
I don't even try to skimp on bathroom items any more. It's too important to me that the last and I don't have to go get a new one every year or so. I also like the way the better fixtures look when they are all cleaned up.

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