Home Depot Sinks Are Functional And Stylish

Bathroom Sink

Home Depot bathroom sinks include a wide array of selections made with many different materials. Their many products include basins, pedestal sinks, vessel sinks, and more. Styles range from conservative and traditional to Bohemian and modern. If your bathroom décor needs a boost, it might be time to peruse the selection of Home Depot bathroom sinks for a new and creative idea.

Home Depot Sinks For Bathroom

If you are seeking to put new plumbing into a commercial lavatory, a great choice is the simple style of the American Standard Wall Mount Work Sink in White. In fact, because this sink is deep and sturdy, it is also a great sink for an outdoor work area. The high backsplash protects the wall behind it from extensive water exposure, and it is stain resistant and easy to clean. Predrilled center wholes accommodate most standard faucets. Home Depot bathroom sinks are available online and in the store. This product sells for $693.00.

For a great accent piece to contrast with your flooring, toilet, and bath, the Ecosinks Under-Mount or Drop In Solid Copper Bathroom Sink with Hammered Aged Copper will add decoration and style to any bathroom. You can mount this sink beneath the opening or drop it into the opening, depending on what your vanity demands. The rustic shade gives your bathroom the feel of a garden cottage. It is 15.5 inches round at the outer most rim, and sells for $159.00. This is one of the more unique items in the collection of Home Depot bathroom sinks. The decorative grid drain is sold separately.

Ideal for a smaller bathroom or one with limited space, pedestal sinks stand on their own with no storage cabinets or doors. Kohler, a brand name known for quality and durability, makes a variety of sinks, including the Memoirs Pedestal Sink Combo in White. It stands 24 inches high and features square corners and simple detailing that will make it a great addition to any bathroom. You can count on the value of this product because it is from Kohler and because it is sold with Home Depot bathroom sinks. Home Depot is known for selling quality appliances, hardware, and tools, standing behind the products that they sell.

Much like the furniture you choose for your family room, vessel sinks add style as well as utility to your bathroom. The Pegasus Above-Counter Round Tempered-Glass Vessel Sink with Drain is a clear glass bowl that will look elegant in a powder room or in contrast with a set of glass shower doors. The sink is a semi portable bowl in that it can be used in many different vanities and stands, and it is part of the collection of Home Depot bathroom sinks. It sells for $99.00. Prices vary for vessel sinks, depending on their materials.

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Posted 2070 days ago
The last time we got a new bathroom sink we were able to find something that went in very easy.
That was quite a few years ago but the sink still looks new and I didn't spend the entire weekend getting it in properly. All in all it was a good experience.
Posted 2076 days ago
When there isn't a lot of time or money but there are home repairs that need to be done, specifically bathroom repairs, Home Depot is able to fulfill the needs. Whether you actually have to hire someone or you just need a few questions answered, it's the place to go.
Posted 2084 days ago
When it comes to looking through the different bathroom sinks, I want something that's useful, hard to scratch and easy to install. I let my wife look for the pretty that's in it. Home Depot always has something that appeals to both of these traits.
Posted 2091 days ago
I always get lost in the Home Depot bathroom department. I love all the marble and the elegant fixtures. Because of this I'm always remodeling my bathroom and seem to be happier with the looks each time I do it.
Posted 2096 days ago
Getting new sinks in a bathroom somehow makes it come together no matter what your sense of style is. Many people live with sinks that are functional when they could have beauty and function. Home Depot does have a wide selection to choose from.

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