Why You Should Buy Basco Frameless Shower Doors

Framless Shower Doors From Basco

For a great addition to your bathroom, consider installing Basco frameless shower doors. These doors are made of tough glass that makes them the best replacement choice to complement your decor. The frameless entry is ideal for home bathrooms with their easy access. There are no tracks to clean, repair, or trip over with this style of shower door. Additionally, they are the right choice for individuals with mobility issues. The products are available in a variety colors and styles such as bi fold, pivot, and sliding.

Variety of Basco Shower Doors

The frameless doors are excellent products that add style and elegance to your shower or bath area. It does not matter which enclosure you select, you will be enhancing the decor of your bathroom. The goal for each of these enclosures is to create a relaxing atmosphere. Often the end result is an environment reminiscent of a spa. Additionally, because there is no frame, the entry system is a safety feature for individuals who have any type of restricted mobility. Basco is time after time, ranked first in brand preference and product quality. The Basco name assures that you are getting the best shower door available on the market today.

These doors are manufactured with expert workmanship and precision. They are durable yet attractive, and are made with the highest quality materials. All sliding doors are equipped with the Basco Sta Kleen track that keeps dirt from building up and the water in the bathing area. This is a feature that is appreciated by anyone who has had to deal with the constant cleaning of the track, and wiping up water on the bathroom floor. The swing doors are manufactured with a revolutionary seal and drip system that keeps the water inside the bathing area and off the floor. Additionally, every door has distinctive Basco hardware that is thirty percent heavier than the competitors. Also, the hardware is available in a variety of finishes.

This manufacturer also offers the largest variety of glass options for you to choose from. The customer can select a clear glass for an open look, or one of the distinctive patters available. The patterns include clear etched, rain, silk, beveled, or fluted glass. The doors are made from safety tempered glass which is much stronger than regular glass. In addition, the finish is available in a variety of colors that will complement your style. Your choices include silver, gold, antique pewter, almond bronze, burnished copper, and brushed nickel. Their trademark finish that creates an tight shield against moisture, protects the luster of the enclosure.

The prices for these unique enclosures range from eight hundred fifty seven dollars to one thousand eight hundred ninety three dollars ($857.00 - $1,893.00). It is important to note that these are the suggested manufactures list prices for standard sizes and features. The shower entry can also be custom made if you do not find what suites you among their products or you have an irregular size bathing area. These experts will assist you in building the bathroom you have always fantasized about.

It is important to understand that a customized bath enclosure may have additional charges for the custom size and features. However, this manufacturer, with over fifty years of experience, will be able to design and build any size and style of custom bathing area requested. Speak with your dealer about the customized project you want to order. They will be able to go over the various styles, materials, and prices to help you plan.

Make sure to use the Internet to access the Basco web site for information and help with creating the perfect bath enclosure. The site is a wealth of information and offers you the opportunity to view the materials, colors, and configurations the company offers. You will find a tab to help you create your bath enclosure in an easy six step process for designing your frameless shower entry. You will first choose a tub or shower, then select the type of door you want. Next, you will choose the type of frame you want, and next select a style. You can then move on to choose the configuration, and finally pick a frame finish and glass pattern. When you have finished designing the perfect bathing area enclosure, you will be able to print your page with your selections to take with you to the dealer.

The company web site has a section designed to assist customers in finding a local dealer where they can buy the Basco enclosures and doors. By entering your zip code, a complete list of dealers is provided for you on the web site. It is important to make sure that you choose the dealer that offers a showroom with a full time attendant, that has Basco products displayed, and installation services. When you take your printed selections to the dealer you will find experts waiting to assist you with your purchase.

To make sure that the finish of your enclosure lasts, always wipe the glass down with a towel when you are finished using it. To protect against scratching, never use abrasive cleaners on the glass or hardware. The best way to protect the glass is to have them treated at the factory with AquaGlideXP. If you did not purchase the factory AquaGlideXP, you can buy a home kit to treat the glass. This kit can also be used on glass that had the factory treatment as a way to refresh the initial coat to extend the life of the protection.

Bear in mind that all Basco frameless shower doors carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The warranty information is available for you to review online, and registration can be completed over the Internet as well. After you have made your purchase and the installation is complete, be sure that you take a moment to register your warranty. This is a company that stands strong behind their products. Their quality merchandise is the leading brand in quality shower doors. Customers are assured that they are getting the best product on the market when they choose Basco.

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Posted 286 days ago
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Posted 2251 days ago
Fixing the shower couldn't be skipped in the minor repairs before I moved in. I was happy to find modest and yet modern frameless shower doors after only a few moments of searching for something that would look great for the room.
Posted 2257 days ago
Design and style can be very important in the layout of any bathroom that is why frameless doors can be so appealing. They make the most of the space while still maintaining a modest assembly. It's the perfect way to start the style statement in a bathroom.
Posted 2264 days ago
I find it's always a good idea to look at the entire shower and decide what needs to be replaced before getting parts of it updated. You never know when it's time to scrap the old one and start fresh with a whole new stall.
Posted 2272 days ago
I didn't really think about the consequences before tearing down the lopsided door of the shower. Thank goodness it wasn't very hard to find something that was the right size and could replace it. I was also happy it wasn't going to cost a fortune either.
Posted 2278 days ago
Modern and bathroom are practically synonymous. It's the room you can get away with the most unique sense of style and taste. These frameless shower doors are a great way to make that impression. They go well with many senses of style.

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