The Various Types Of American Standard Pedestal Sinks

American Standard Sinks

While decorating the bathroom, it is very important to choose the correct type of sink to suit the other pieces such as the bathtub and WC. In addition to its functionality, you need to consider the shape and size to ensure it blends with the complete decor of the bathroom. An important factor that contributes to its type is the size of the bathroom. An excellent and popular type is the American Standard pedestal sinks, which are practical and space saving designs.

Pedestal Sinks By American Standard

American Standard provides these types of basins under various categories. Some of these include the Standard design, the Boulevard design, the Ravenna design, and the Repertoire design. Each of the specific design is appropriate to provide a special appearance to your bathrooms. You can get a lot of ideas on which design is most suitable for your bathroom by searching the online websites. There are many reputable suppliers selling popular brands. In this article find out about standard pedestal sinks that are available in different sizes, models and prices.

The Classic Standard Collection Designs

The Standard designs are inspired from the classical products provided by the company. The designs provide the latest functionalities while adhering to the look of the 1920s. These types of basins are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to provide a traditional and contemporary appearance to their homes while offering the comfort of the latest functionalities. The sink is made from superior fire clay with a front overflow and is available with the mounting kit. The dimensions of this basin are 679 by 508 by 914 mm with the bowl sizes at 425 mm wide, 286 mm front to rear, and 159 mm deep.

The Standard Collection pedestal sinks adhere to the specifications of ASME A112.19.9M for non-vitreous ceramic fixtures and CAN or CSA B45 series. The basins are available in white and linen colors with a chrome or satin finish faucet. These sinks are sold for a price ranging from a low of 444 to a high of 556 dollars.

Classical Boulevard Pedestal Sinks

The Boulevard pedestal sink designs are classic and rugged in appearance that provide unique flexibility to design your bathrooms. The design is bold, sophisticated with a touch of Bauhaus that provides a middle of the century flair to the appearance of the bathrooms. This basin is the contemporary rectangular shaped made from vitreous china with a rear overflow capability. Available with a mounting kit, the basin coordinates with the Studio Cadet 3 toilet. The nominal dimensions of the Boulevard basin are 610 by 483 by 902 mm with the bowl sizes at 432 mm in width, 318 mm front to rear, and 127 mm in depth.

Ensemble E - Ravenna Style Sinks

The ASME A112.19.2 2008 CSA B45.1-08 compliant designs is available in four colors, which include white, black, linen, and bone. The price of these basins ranges from $296.00 to $445.00. The Ravenna pedestal sink is part of the company's Ensemble E Ensemble, which takes you back in time while retaining the aura of quiet elegance. The design is a traditional sleek design that is made with vitreous china with rear overflow functionality.

Users can install a separate integral mounted towel bar with this design that is provided along with the mounting kit. The basins nominal dimensions ad-measure 616 by 508 by 864 mm. The bowl sizes are 492 mm in width, 302 mm from the front to the back, and 152 mm in depth. The Ravenna collection adheres to the ASME A112.19. 2M for vitreous china fixtures and the CAN CSA B45 series. These basins are available in black, bone, white, and linen colors for a price ranging between $281.00 and $422.00 dollars.

The Repertoire Collection Style

Another collection of the American Standard pedestal sinks is the Repertoire collection, which provides a unique historical appearance. With this collection, you can choose to provide your bathroom an amazing style suitable for the traditional designs. The raised motifs on the sinks provides your bathroom an aura of sophistication. This type of basin is a traditional design with backsplash and matching pedestal. It is made from vitreous china and comes with rear overflow capabilities.

The nominal dimensions for this type of basin are 610 by 559 by 864 mm with bowl sizes at 533 mm width, 305 mm front to rear, and 152 mm depth. The design complies with the specifications as detailed by the ASME A112.19.2 M for vitreous china fixtures. It is available in numerous colors, such as black, white, bone, linen, silver, and fawn beige. This type of sink is sold at around 420 in dollars by the company.

Ensemble K Collection Styles

The Savona pedestal sink belongs to the Ensemble K collection, which include a slightly curvy and sensational design for a price ranging between $498.00 and $748.00 in dollars. It is a contemporary design made from vitreous china with nominal dimensions of 635 by 502 by 864 mm. Users can choose from white, black, linen, bone, fawn beige, and silver to match the decor of their bathrooms.

Belonging to the Ensemble H collection, the Cadet Pedestal sink provides an informal and elegant styled design. Priced between $233.00 and $292.00, these basins are made from vitreous china ad-measures 622 by 508 by 889 mm. This type of basin is available in several colors, such as white, fawn beige, black, silver, and bone.

Portsmouth & Cornice Style Collection

The Portsmouth pedestal sink is part of the Portsmouth collection that is characterized by excellent workmanship and detail designing. The basin is made from vitreous china with two front concealed overflow capabilities and is provided with a wall hangar. The white basin ad-measures 394 by 394 by 845 mm and is priced in the range of $321.00 to $402.00.

The Cornice pedestal sink is made from vitreous china and comes with concealed front overflows. Its dimensions are 394 by 394 by 845 mm and is available in white color. The price of this basin is approximately three-hundred-twenty-three dollars ($326.00). Another type is the Town Square 27 inch sink made from fire clay with clean straight lines with traditional ogee curves. This 686 X 540 X 914mm sink is available in black, white, linen, bone, and silver, and is priced between $632.00 and $948.00.

Tropic Pedestal Sinks

The other American Standard pedestal sinks include the Tropic Grande and Tropic Petite sinks, which are the traditional rectangular designs. The price for the Grande basin is between $368.00 and $553.00 while the Tropic Petite ranges from $276.00 to $415.00. The biggest advantages of the company's products are the easy installation and durability.

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Posted 2250 days ago
This is the exact design I was looking for when designing my new home. If only installing them will be half as easy as it was to find them. The article was interesting and gave a lot of fresh ideas for my next improvement project.
Posted 2258 days ago
While you may lose some space in the lack of cabinetry that is offered with a pedestal sink they are a classic looking sink for any bathroom in the home. Truly, they're an easy way to make the most important room of the home look exceptional.
Posted 2265 days ago
Pedestal sinks always remind me of my grandmother's home and the smell of lilacs. I think they really make a bathroom look elegant and feminine in one easy swoop. I am so glad they are easy to find again.
Posted 2274 days ago
Pedestal sinks are a great way to get the fabulous look of an antique without having to worry about the fragility or the cost. You turn a dull bathroom into interesting Victorian style in just one piece. They are a great item to have.
Posted 2280 days ago
The first place most people look or visit in a home is either the bathroom or the kitchen. This means both rooms require a substantial amount of attention from the homeowner to manage keeping them at their best, both in cleanliness and d├ęcor.

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