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Allen Roth Bath Vanities

There are Allen Roth vanities for the bathroom and they come in most every style for every taste. So, if you are redesigning a bedroom, master-bath or guest bathroom, Allen Roth have the right piece for you.

Allen Roth Bathroom Vanity

A popular and dynamic piece is the 36 inch Espresso unit with a round sink. The vanity itself is very dark in color, almost black and very sleek in design. There are three small drawers on one side and the other has an open bottom shelf. The round, white porcelain sink on top, is deep and has a high edge. There is plenty of counter space on either side of the sink as well. This feature is probably one of the most important when choosing a vanity for any bathroom.

There are many outlets where Allen Roth vanities are sold. A big supplier of these products is Lowes Home Improvement. They carry a lot of their products through their website and that is where you will find the biggest variety of products. Some examples can be found on their floor in store. The Espresso Bath Vanity will usually run in the $500.00 dollar range. To make sure you are getting the correct vanity with the round sink look for Item number #145772 Model #LW093S05.

There is another 36 inch bath vanity that is quite ornate in its' design. If you are looking for something that harkens up images of a Victorian household, then the Allen Roth Walnut Avon Park vanity, is what you are looking for. You can find this at Lowes for approximately $900.00. This piece has a deep, rich color with a marbled white counter top/sink combination. There are three large drawers in front, pedestal feet and elegant carvings on either side making this a stunning, stand alone piece. Look for Item #331103 Model #LW093S01.

If you are looking for more rustic editions that will fit in a log home or farm house style home, Allen Roth has several to choose from. There is the 30 inch Mocha Ballantyne Traditional Bath Vanity Item #156518 Model #VSDB30. This is a solid vanity without a top so you can choose your own sink and counter. There is a large cupboard and two drawers for plenty of storage and will cost you less than $300.00 dollars.

The 28 inch model known as the Midnight Cherry Hartley is really gorgeous for a smaller bathroom. The wood is dark and rich in color and the sink/counter top combination, in black, gives it elegance. With silver buffed modern hardware, it makes this vanity an updated version of something old fashioned. Item #120938 Model #70275 can be bought for under $400.00 dollars.

Beautiful clean looking white vanities range from less than $100.00 dollars to about $500.00 dollars. The Allen Roth white vanities are kept simple in style to reflect that cleaner look. Look for the White Shaker Vanity with Top Item #6864 Model #C18124A or the White Richmond Bath vanity Item #132143 Model #C14124A for basic and affordable designs.

For something sturdier in the white vanity variety, take a look at the Windleton White Modular vanity with Natural Stone Top Item #366128 Model #F11-B-017-07C1. Lowes sells this model in two different sizes. This vanity is more durable and solid.

Of course, if you are sharing a bathroom, Allen Roth vanities are available with double sink counter tops. These types of cabinets are more expensive and will run between $700.00 and $1,000.00 dollars per unit. The 61 inch Auburn Albain Bath Vanity with Top has large cupboards and several drawers and plenty of counter space. Item# 115879 Model #3020-60V costs around $800.00 dollars.

Check out the 61 inch Auburn Albain Bath vanity (with black counter top) Item #115879 Model #3020-60V. This is a deep reddish tone to the wood grain and looks great with the black sink/counter top combination. One aspect to consider is the weight of this piece. It is very heavy but, provides a lot of stability and lasts a long time. The sinks have some space on the outer sides but, most of the vacant counter is between the sinks.

Another double sink variety is the 60.50 inch Rich Cherry Fenella bath piece with counter top. This is slightly more modern style and has a lighter brown tone to the grain. It also comes with the a black counter top and looks great with silver buffed hardware. There are two large cupboards on either side and three drawers in the middle for lots of storage. The Rich Cherry Fenella Item #118768 Model #M7619860 is also heavy but, looks wonderful once installed and lasts a long time. You will pay less than $1,000.00 dollars for it but, it will look like you paid two or three times that.

This next double sink recommendation is one that will be fantastic for a sleek modern or art deco look. The 60 inch Espresso Newfield double vanity Item #330970 Model #E09-701B has a light colored, speckled counter top with square shaped sinks. It also has a dark brown even tone to the wood and long horizontal handles on the drawers and cupboards. This unit has high pedestal feet and a real versatility in terms of what kind of decor it could go in. With the right faucets and bathroom accessories, this unit could become an updated addition to a turn of the century home. In the newest of residences and apartments, the Espresso Newfield with its' squared double sinks will look elegant and sleek.

There are many websites online that carry the Allen Roth vanities collections. Many are discount or wholesale websites that bring you to the warehouse supplier or retail distributor. Lowes Home Improvement is one of the largest distributors of the many line of Allen Roth products. Both Allen Roth vanities and Lowes are excellent companies to search when doing renovations to your older home or looking for something special for that new place. For variety and quality the Allen Roth name has an excellent reputation, as well as, being known for reasonable prices. This is evident by the dozens and dozens of reviews you can find online.

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