Above Counter Bathroom Sinks - An Excellent Way To Add Style

Above Counter Bathroom Sinks

With the large variety of sinks available in the market, homeowners are often confused on the ones that will make their bathrooms appear attractive. In addition to the modern appearance, the sink must provide convenience while in use. Therefore, an excellent choice for providing this room an attractive appearance and ensuring convenience of use is the Above Counter bathroom sinks.

Above Counter Sink

These types of basins are available in a large variety of styles, designs, and colors, which makes it simpler for homeowners to match these with the overall decor of their bathing area. These are available in the conventional shapes, such as oval, square, and round to modern shapes, such as hexagons and triangular shapes. Moreover, these basins are in different materials, such as glass, stones, bronze, ceramic, copper, and nickel finishing. Some of the well known brands include Kraus KCV 150 ceramic sink, as well as the Levovo Pac 13 model.

These modern and stylish basins can be easily fitted on the counter tops or vanity tops. Moreover, these are made with high-quality materials that provide longer life and durability to these basins. Therefore, although the price of these sinks may be slightly higher than the price of conventional basins, the durability reduces the actual cost in the longer run.

The biggest benefit of these basins is the convenience and simple installation procedure. With the traditional basins, you need to remove these and find another basin that will fit inside the counter. In case, you are unable to find one, you will need to remodel the countertop to ensure the basin fits. The next step is to insert the basin and then apply the caulking. None of these efforts are required with these new types of basins. You only need to place the basin atop the top, aligning the holes, and connecting the piping beneath.

Although, installing this kind of basin is simpler in comparison to the traditional basin, you need to plan before its installation. You need to ensure the height of the countertop is suitable to place the higher edge positioning of the vessel basin. Moreover, you need to coordinate the piping, drain, and plumbing fixtures before installing the basin.

Another benefit provided by these modern basins is the ease with which you can maintain their cleanliness. You need to reach some of the tricky areas, such as corners and crevices to clean the basin, which requires plenty of time and efforts. Moreover, regular usage leads to the accumulation of dirt around the caulking. Getting your basin rid of all the accumulated grime can take a long time and plenty of scrubbing. In comparison, keeping the vessel basins clean is simpler as the caulking is minimal that does not accumulate much grime.

One of the reasons that make these types of basins more and more popular is the trendy and modern appearance it provides to the bathrooms. The large variety, shapes, designs, colors, styles, and materials makes it simpler for you to find a sink that will match the other decor within the area. This area is commonly used as a personal area within your home and most owners want to decorate it to display their personal choices. These basins provide homeowners an excellent and convenient way to personalize this area.

These types of basins require drilling a one point five inch diameter hole within the countertop to place the basin in position. Therefore, the space used for the installation of the basin is significantly smaller than the space required by traditional basins. Hence, you have extra space on the countertop and under the basins curve to place your other bath accessories.

One of the commonly used basins is the glass vessel sinks, which are made with heated glass to make it more durable. The glass is heated until it reaches its melting point and then quickly cooled to make it stronger than normal glass. In case it breaks, you need not be worried of being hurt because it smashes into large pieces that are easy to collect and prevent any harm being caused.

The glass basins are not damaged by petite items, such as combs or brushes. However, you must pay attention while using the water in the basin. In case the basin is very cold, you must be careful while using warm water until you are sure that the glass is appropriate to bear the heat. To increase its heat resistance capability, you must progressively increase the water temperature to ensure the glass does not smash due to overheating.

A big benefit of glass vessel basins is the ease of keeping it clean and tidy. Using a sterilizer like vinegar is beneficial to clean the glass surface. However, you must avoid rough cleaners, such as liquids or sponges while cleaning this type of a basin. Moreover, you must refrain from applying too much pressure on the edges of these basins, because the rims are the most delicate part of the entire basin.

Other popular materials that are commonly used by a large number of homeowners include onyx, concrete, metal, stone, and porcelain. An important factor that you must consider while buying one of these vessel basins is the overall style and decor of your bathroom. For example if your bath comprises other traditional accessories, this type of a basin will be a mismatch. In comparison if your bath fittings are modern and trendy, you can choose one of these basins to match the other accessories within the area. One more factor that you must consider while choosing this type of a basin is the vessel faucet. Several types of faucets are available that can be mounted on the walls, which increases the usable space on the counter to place your other toiletries.

Most homeowners desire to create a style statement while decorating their homes, especially the bathing area. An excellent option that is now available to owners is the Above Counter bathroom sinks, which can be the main aspect of your entire area. The large number of options in these basins, which range from traditional to modern designs, vibrant colors, and different materials, make it simpler for owners to find the most appropriate sink for adoring the bathroom counter.

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Posted 2212 days ago
Working on new rooms, additions and repairs makes it hard to consider design in every artifact you select but with an above counter sink you are better able to get these needs met. Not only will you have something classy, you'll love it.
Posted 2220 days ago
I was looking for something that was reminiscent of an antique wash bin but still had a modern twist to it. This is why I was so delighted when I found this sink. Now the only trick is getting it home to my bathroom!
Posted 2229 days ago
The modern elegance of the above counter bathroom sink is a great way to put a personal touch to a bathroom. Being able to let your style show should happen in every room and with unique designs like this the bathroom just became easier.
Posted 2238 days ago
Above counter bathroom sinks will have any guest stepping out of a bathroom with something to talk about. People will want to know where the sink came from and if it was hard to install or expensive. They are lovely!
Posted 2245 days ago
I can't wait to get a better look at some of these sinks you suggest. I was looking for something unusual and still classy for my restroom and think these offers just the right choices. What a great article to stumble across!

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