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Moving into a house is something which can be a big move. Not only has a person put down a significant amount of money to get ownership of the property, but then they have to plough in even more cash to spruce it up and make it to their liking. The decor a person chooses for their new home is something which is completely personal to them and cannot be imposed by anyone else. Those who move into a home know that they will likely have to remove all the fixtures and fittings and replace them with those of their own choosing. The wash room of a home is no exception - in fact, it is one of things that is most personal to people, and most likely to change with a change of ownership. When it comes to a bathroom cabinet vanity units are the thing that people feel can stamp the most personal look on their house, and so need to pick wisely to get the best one they can.

Bathroom Cabinet

However, it is not only new movers that feel the need to rejuvenate their wash rooms from time to time. People who have been living in a home for a while may want a total refit of the room in which they are responsible for their cleanliness. Most important amongst this refit is picking the right amount of furniture to go in a wash room.

Many people may not consider that furniture is important in such a room in their house. For them, a bath and/or a shower, a faucet and a toilet are usually sufficient. For a room which is incredibly small, that may well be all that a home owner can fit in the chosen room. But for anywhere which has more leeway with space, there are important things missing including cupboards and cabinets. The most common amongst all cabinets is that which contains all the toiletries which people use.

There are other cupboards which often find their way into wash rooms. Most common amongst these is a place to put items such as toilet rolls and towels. However, these are big and bulky and are often floor to ceiling units which stand out and cannot be tailored significantly. The vanity cabinet, however, is commonplace in almost all homes where there is a sink.

This kind of unit is small and compact and often rests on a wall, held up under its own weight. Usually, it is placed at head height to prevent stooping to reach important items. For women particularly, it can prove an invaluable place to store make up. For this reason, many cabinets often have their doors replaced with mirrors which open out. This allows people easy access to their toiletries, and a way to see where they are applying it.

However, there is another popular design of unit which finds itself being more and more common. Often people decide that they want to have a splash back above their sink or faucet, which takes away the opportunity to have such a large cupboard to contain toothpaste, toothbrushes and medicine. For that reason the vanity cabinet in a bathroom can migrate south to below the sink..

This is useful because it serves two purposes. Not only does it give people a good storage unit for them to place their toiletries, but it also covers up the ugly pipes which stem from a sink. Sadly, there are very few things interior designers can do with ugly drainage pipes. For that reason, an excuse to cover them up with a storage unit is highly thankful.

The amount of things which are kept in these cupboards is varied and enormous. Everything from the unpalatable to the everyday is placed behind these two doors. Things that people use often like toothbrushes and toothpaste can be kept away, keeping surfaces neat and tidy and free from clutter. Potentially embarrassing medicines can be kept under lock and key and away from all but the most prying eyes.

There are a number of quality manufacturers of bathroom cabinets out there, who supply all the major furniture stores where people most often buy these kinds of item. Names such as Roper Rhodes, Cavalier and Kompakt are known for their supreme finishes, sturdiness and attractiveness. Almost any kind of appliance can be found to fit into a wash room color scheme or decor. Whether people are going for a minimalist or colorful wash room, there is a unit for them.

Moreover, the creators of these items know that there is no such thing as a standard sized room. For that reason, they create their items of furniture to fit a variety of different scales, from small to large. That is not the only thing which can vary from house to house, however.

A first time house buyer's budget will be severely more constricted in comparison to someone who has managed to get their foot on the property ladder and gone through several house moves. They will likely be older and more established, and have a larger disposable income with which to buy units such as these. There are literally thousands of dollars difference between cheap units and more expensive ones. The most basic can be made of MDF fronted with a plastic cover which looks like wood or metal, and can be little over $150.00. These are manufactured en-masses, and therefore have a relatively inferior finish and build quality. However, for those who cannot afford to spend any more, they are very serviceable.

However the best bathroom cabinet vanity units are often coated in marble or stainless steel and are professionally designed by the most skilled craftsmen in the world. They can be bought from specialist shops and often have innovative features including doors which swing out less than the standard units. However, all this beauty and innovation in technology comes at a price - more specifically, a higher price. The best cabinets can easily cost upwards of $1,000.00. Whichever a person chooses, they can be sure that their items will be stored safely and happily.

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