72 Inch Bathroom Vanities Provide A Sense Of Style And Design

Bathroom Vanity

For a large master bathroom or an open powder room, 72 inch bathroom vanities create attractive and functional features. Each vanity of this size generally includes a double sink, making it easier for multiple people to use this practical piece of furniture at the same time. 72 inch bathroom vanities offer lots of storage space as well, usually including a column of drawers and a set of decorative cabinet doors.

72 Inch Bathroom Vanities For Master Design

The Pegasus Naples 72 Inch Double Combo Bathroom Vanity features rich hardwood in cinnamon tone with birdcage hardware. The traditional look of the cabinet is offset by the modern black granite and vitreous white counter top and sinks. You can find this beautiful piece at sears.com. You can have it delivered to your home or to a nearby store. It is priced at $2,121.59.

If you are shopping for 72 inch bathroom vanities that will offer a rich, contemporary look, you will love the Silkroad Brand Exclusive Prima Double Sink Bathroom Vanity in Dark Walnut. There is no attention spared to detail with beautifully curved wood in natural tone, and storage is in abundance with columns of drawers. The stone counter top is hand finished and promises a unique look for every individual piece. An ornate mirror hung above will complete the look. Remember that 72 inch bathroom vanities require two mirrors or a wide single glass. You can purchase this vanity for $1,457.93 at vanitiesontheweb.com.

With the charm and romance of a mid century antique, the Ambella Home Private Retreat Vanity will make your bathroom your own private oasis. The Ambella collection of 72 inch bathroom vanities is hand carved oak; this model is finished in “dusty wax,” which is a natural wood tone. It is topped with Imperial beige bone fossil stone with two undermount sinks. You can purchase this beautiful product at homelivingstyle.com for $3,640.00. Once you have added this elegant piece to your bathroom, be sure to accent it with old fashioned faucet fixtures to accentuate the antique character of the vanity.

Fairmont is a renowned manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, receiving excellent reviews consistently. The Fairmont Designs Bathroom Vanity is an excellent example of what 72 inch bathroom vanities can do for a room. Made from poplar solids with a cherry veneer, this piece features two cabinets, flanking a set of drawers. Decorative hardware completes the look. While you can purchase the vanity without a counter top, it is not available simply with a single sink. You can find this product at amazon.com, a site known for its competitive pricing. It is priced at $1,399.00.

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Posted 2213 days ago
I just got done cleaning out my old vanity when thought maybe a new one would be helpful. Your blog has given me some ideas about what I will need and what kind of style I might like to work with. Thank you for sharing!
Posted 2222 days ago
When I look at remodeling a home for new tenants I look at the vanity in the manner that tells me whether or not I'll want to tinker with it to patch it or if I want a new one. Installation is sometimes a lot easier than figuring out how to patch.
Posted 2230 days ago
One day the bathroom was old and dilapidated, the next it was restored and shiny! My husband redid everything as an anniversary surprise one year and it was the best gift I'd ever received. Who knew a shiny new bathroom could make you so cheerful!
Posted 2238 days ago
Remodels are an excellent way to increase the value of your home, especially if you start them in the bathroom. A better vanity like some of these above is a great way to get the attention of a potential buyer and develop their interest in the home.
Posted 2246 days ago
Shopping for a high quality vanity can be both difficult and time consuming. You're best to prepare by planning a whole afternoon around it, that way when it takes a while you'll have been prepared for the time spent shopping.

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