36 Inch Bathroom Vanities Set The Tone For Your Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Vanity

The center point of most bathrooms is the sink. You may choose a pedestal sink if you have limited space or wish to create a more open layout, but a vanity can add decorative character to the room and give you added storage space as well. For most standard sized bathrooms, 36 inch bathroom vanities are ideal for the space provided. 36 inch bathroom vanities house a single sink and usually some porcelain counter space around it.

36 Inches Vanities

Buying the right product for your personal bathroom depends somewhat on your own personal sense of style. A traditional bathroom will be appropriately accented with a wood cabinet, like the Fairmont Designs American Shaker 36 Inch Vanity. Sold at qualitybath.com for $856.00, this piece is made of hardwood with a distressed black finish that reminds one of a sturdy antique. The Carrera marble counter top completes the elegant look. The addition of matching traditional style faucets for the sink and the tub will pull together your entire room.

If, on the other hand, your tastes in 36 inch bathroom vanities are more modern, you might prefer Virtu USA 36 Inch Single Seat Bathroom Vanity Set in Espresso. This vanity is a contemporary cabinet that is mounted to the wall and does not rest on the floor. The artistic design combines sharp corners and curved cabinet doors to create an artistic appearance that can be beautifully accented with a sleek mirrored medicine cabinet and chrome accessories and fixtures. This piece, ideal for a chrome and glass décor, is available at mainfaucet.com for $1,149.00.

A far more conventional option in 36 inch bathroom vanities is the Foremost Industries DVA Oak Two Drawer Vanity. This is a pale oak piece of sturdy furniture that has two drawers and a cabinet with double doors for easy storage. It is capped with a white countertop that features lots of surface space and an oval shaped sink in the center. You can find this product at amazon.com, a site known for discount prices, for $257.59.

Unlike other 36 inch bathroom vanities, the Kohler 36-inch Cinder Alberry Bath Vanity is a free standing piece with four decorative spindle style legs. Kohler is a company known for their quality products for the bathroom, from toilets to shower accessories and more, and they offer a whole series of 36 inch bathroom vanities. This vanity lacks nothing for its simple design; it is made of birch and features a matte black finish with little adornment or trim. It is available through sears.com, and will require added shipping costs; you can also find it in the store. It sells for $850.97.

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Posted 2253 days ago
If you need a vanity that's going to be big enough and still look great you won't have to look too far. Getting this area of the bathroom into the best shape is the quickest road to enjoying your bathroom more every day.
Posted 2258 days ago
If a vanity can be remodeled some people may want to think outside of the box this way and be creative. If it can't be salvaged than by all means it's an item that can make or break the look of a bathroom so should be something that is in top shape.
Posted 2265 days ago
I knew reworking the bathroom needed to start I just wasn't sure where. When a friend suggested I pick out a new vanity I am glad I headed their advice. The old vanity took up too much space and wasn't nearly as useful as it could have been.
Posted 2272 days ago
I really thought I was going to be in over my head installing the new vanity but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be! Now the Mrs. is happy and just in time for football season I might add!
Posted 2279 days ago
After receiving a gift certificate for a birthday the first item that was brought home was a new vanity and it changed the entire ambiance of the bathroom. Not getting new towels and all sorts of other accessories is proving to be very difficult.

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